Automatic Incubators
Medium-dimensioned incubator Inca performs a double function as ideal for single-stage incubation of all kinds of eggs, as well as for the first week of weaning, thanks to delicate ventilation.
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EGGS 45 40 85 55 27 30
Main Caracteristics
  • Incubator Inca consists of serial automatic turning of eggs (or manual upon request) by universal grid suitable for all kinds of eggs and the possibility to remove of the whole control panel makes it highly versatile in cleaning and disinfection operations;
  • Temperature is read through °F precision thermometer and humidification is ensured by the available basin;
  • A high-quality, decimal-precision, proportional-band (PID) , analogue electronic thermostat allows to easily and exactly regulate the temperature;
  • An excellent quality fan allows to evenly diffuse heat inside the incubator hatchery and the electric system is equipped with fuses for protection against electrical shock.
  Voltage   AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz
  Consumption   120 W  
  Dimensions   550 x 390 x 270 mm (C x L x H)
  Weight   6,5 Kg.