Automatic Incubators
The perfect combination of beauty and efficiency, the incubator Smart associates an exclusive and innovative design with excellent hatching performance; nice and practical, it is suitable for single-stage hatching of all kinds of eggs.
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Main Caracteristics
  • Serial automatic turning of eggs (or manual upon request) by universal grid suitable for all kinds of eggs;
  • • Temperature is read through °F precision thermometer and the 4-compartment lower valve makes different phases of incubation and hatching very easy to manage;
  • A high-quality, decimal-precision, proportional-band (PID) , analogue electronic thermostat allows to easily and exactly regulate the temperature;
  • A quality fan allows to evenly diffuse heat inside the incubator and an emergency fuse allows for a safe operation.
  Voltage   AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz
  Consumption   100 W  
  Dimensions   400 x 325 x 260 mm (C x L x H)
  Weight   2,3 Kg.
The SMART model is available in 2 versions:
  • SMART MANUAL - System with manual turning of eggs;
  • SMART AUTOMÁTICA - System with automatic turning of eggs.
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