The INCOMAX (SIDRIS) ensures conformity of articles marketed under Portuguese law.
All equipment sold by INCOMAX (SIDRIS) have a warranty period of 2 years from the date of dispatch.
Changes, repairs, reconstruction or unauthorized paintings are not permitted, if they occur invalidates the warranty.
All equipment repairs have to be subject, within and outside the warranty period, must be delivered directly at the site of INCOMAX (SIDRIS) - 8 Street, Lot 1 A, 2405-019 Maceira - Leiria. All costs incurred in transporting the equipment until our facilities are the responsibility of the customer.
The INCOMAX (SIDRIS) does not assume any liability for damages or loss caused by the failure of the incubator, failure of electrical components or low rates of birth.
Read the manual of the equipment carefully to prevent operating errors.