INCOMAX is a company with extensive knowledge in the area of hatching eggs and poultry, including incubators, brooders and accessories.


INCOMAX products are distinguished by innovation, technology, lower power consumption and quality in order to achieve maximum efficiency of investment.

INCOMAX is attentive to developments in the sector with equipment adjusted to the requirement of each client.

Whether for private or business customer, all INCOMAX products are easy to use and intuitive never neglecting the quality required in the incubation process.


Local agents in direct contact with the small producer.

With sustained growth and recognized service quality, INCOMAX felt the need to broaden your market. Currently, we are present in Angola, Mozambique, Cabo Verde, Brazil e Sao Tome. he presence in these countries occurs through local agents in direct contact with the small producer and / or large projects.

All Incubation Centers developed on the ground are led directly by our skilled technicians.

INCOMAX has the perception that customer value is the factor
essential in the sustainable growth of the company.
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