INCOMAX offers several solutions to develop your hatchery, with the main objective of its economic return.

We have a complete line of incubators and hatchers that can be used with single or multiple stage operation. Whatever your need there is always a model that meets your capacity requirements and desired features.

  • Incubators chicken eggs, turkeys eggs, ducks eggs and geese eggs.
  • A wide variety of options to meet your specific requirements.

Incubators high performance with clear, open and simple design, targeted to produce chicks of the highest quality, easy to clean, high energy efficiency and easy maintenance.

The incubation of center equipment plays a crucial role as regards the efficient workflow in the center. It should be easy to operate and maintain without the need for specialized training.
To further increase the efficiency and reduce the physical work, it is possible to opt for automated equipment. When you connect equipment to a network you can monitor and control operations from any point in the center.

The control of airflow inside the hatchery building is of the highest importance. It is essential that the system air handling and air conditioning is designed to ensure the highest levels of performance at the lowest cost.


Depending on the size of the center and the specific requirements, you can opt for a hatchery fully automated and integrated. Alternatively, you may decide to automate or semi-automatizar certain parts of downtown.

  • Integrated Automation completely

If the choice is completely integrated automation, INCOMAX will work together with the partner chosen for automation and design a fully automatic process for the eggs and chicks in the various areas of the hatchery system. This project takes into account space restrictions, legislated into force, security requirements and any other requirements that may be required .

  • Automation Isolated

INCOMAX offers different types of equipment to increase efficiency of the hatchery and reduce the workload in the different areas.

  • Eggs transfer

To hatcheries small capacity, we propose to Transfer Machine eggs (PTM) . It has a capacity to transfer 40,000 eggs per hour. The unit is mounted on wheels for maximum mobility and is made of stainless steel to ensure maximum durability.

  • Eggs sucker

The egg -sucking vacuum lets you put the eggs in trays. Saves on manpower, but also ensures that fewer eggs are damaged or broken. The vacuum sucking eggs are available with one or two sucking eggs for one or two operators, respectively.

  • Candling

The candling machine (PCM) usually appears as an optional PTM equipment. The PCM has a capacity of 40,000 candling eggs per hour. This unit is mounted on wheels for maximum mobility. Also as PTM, is made of stainless steel for maximum durability.

  • Egg Turning System room

We have automated systems for turning carts with various capacities to suit all sizes of room’s eggs. Fertile eggs that are stored for long periods are benefited by regular turning of carts during storage.


We design, deliver and install complete incubation centers, providing support throughout the life of the center.

The performance of the hatchery is usually measured in terms of birth rate and quality of chicks. But to be really competitive, all equipment in the hatchery should be used in the most efficient and economical way.

Designing a hatchery

Main factors to consider
  • High birth rate;
  • Minimize energy costs;
  • Minimize the cost of labor;
  • Reduce the cost of eggs;
  • Get the low-cost consumables;
  • Leave the solution in the hands of those who have experience.
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