We offer all our customers a personalized service with immediate support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone and email.

When you need technical information, usually need immediately. The technical documentation of INCOMAX allows information is always available at all times.
All equipment is accompanied with a manual, a guide incubation and plan of care.
CE certificates will be provided when requested.

The technical knowledge at the level of incubation is an area that INCOMAX invests to take support to clarify and provide better service to all our customers.
We constantly seek to learn more and be alert to new techniques used in the incubation process.
Knowledge comes soon in the commercial area to be best advised to respect the triangle quality, need and price.
In the post-sales support through 24 line reflected an attentive and detailed clarification on technical and procedural improvements to achieve favorable results.
Besides the support that has INCOMAX service, the technical department conducts training on customer premises along with the employees who will be allocated to the hatchery. This procedure is extremely useful for the client since the outset tasks are performed in a systematic, practical and above all in the maximization of resources (time and money) way.

We offer all our customers a personalized service to optimize the performance of your equipment. Immediate support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone, fax or email.
By contacting us directly will be entertained by a specialist incubation, ensuring a quick, clear and precise answer to your question.

  • 90% of technical questions received are resolved;
  • If necessary, we can establish remote connections to analyze the problem;
  • We have metering equipment that can monitor the performance of equipment directly at the customer premises;
  • The technician transmits information on how to obtain optimal results in the incubation process.

The INCOMAX guides the client in order to maximize investment meet their needs in terms of incubation. Counseling is conducted taking into account the species, availability of breeder, accuracy and dimension to the identification of the most suitable equipment.
In the development of hatcheries large-scale rigorous and detailed analysis to support the project to present and discuss with the client is performed. Encompassing a level guidance of incubation, building, HVAC, networking techniques and cleaning equipment.
This proximity to the customer is to establish a relationship of trust in order to achieve your satisfaction.

All service and warranty are our responsibility and performed directly by INCOMAX.
The equipment is designed in a modular fashion to allow fast and easy replacement of components, thus reducing the intervention time and avoiding in 90% of cases the movement of the equipment to our facilities.

The diagnostic performance of the equipment is crucial to ensure a lasting useful life. Our skilled technicians, through his knowledge, perform a detailed analysis of all components, allowing to identify all the equipment needs for intervention. With prevention is reached perfection.
Where necessary our technical department informs the client upgrades available.

The hygiene in the hatchery equipment is essential to ensure good results births. Due to shortage of time many breeders INCOMAX felt the need to provide a cleaning and disinfecting deep, using a range of suitable quality products.

All equipment is supplied with factory calibration, but with constant use, periodic monitoring of measurement parameters is necessary.
For more demanding breeders recommend that monitoring of the parameters is performed by equipment quality and duly certified (thermometers and hygrometers).
INCOMAX has the means to provide a service of rigorous and precise calibration, and may take place on our premises or remotely.

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