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  • GRUMBACH LCD 8015/ CTD7 S84
  • GRUMBACH LCD 8015/ CTD7 S84: Premium touch display CTD7
  • GRUMBACH LCD 8015/ CTD7 S84: Sight glass for tank level control; Regulation of air humidity
  • GRUMBACH LCD 8015/ CTD7 S84: Regulation of the fresh air supply
  • GRUMBACH LCD 8015/ CTD7 S84: Capillary thermometer °C; Synthetic hair hygrometer (optional);
  • GRUMBACH LCD 8015/ CTD7 S84: Tray
  • GRUMBACH LCD 8015/ CTD7 S84: Thermometer
  • GRUMBACH LCD 8015/ CTD7 S84: Tray with eggs
  • GRUMBACH LCD 8015/ CTD7 S84: Identification parts


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Robust and modern high quality incubator for demanding breeders of exotic birds with precise automatic control of temperature, humidity and egg turning.
It features an innovative new premium touchscreen (CTD7) with a self-explanatory navigation menu for easier and faster device control.
Real-time data via web browser and LAN/WLAN connection.


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"Because hatching should not be a coincidence!"

Grumbach incubators represent the most modern and progressive gadgets that exist in the field of proficient incubating. Grumbach incubators have been built for over 20 years in Germany and are successfully in use all over the world. Grumbach produces adequate incubators for example for poultry, parrots, ostrich and reptile eggs.

All incubators have an attractive and robust design made of high‐quality synthetic material which is easy to clean. The excellent workmanship is also emphasized by the hand‐made casings with their energy‐saving insulation. The electronic regulation of the temperature precisely ensures another effect of energy saving. Warmth is distributed evenly by the soft circulating air system. A manual security thermostat guarantees the safety of your animals in case of thermostat failure.

Decisive for all breeders is the dependable development of the embryos – this is ensured by the turnable trays with rollers which are adaptable to all egg sizes and by the gearable motor turner.

The humidity can be regulated directly up to about 100% and is kept automatically. It can be reduced by closing the manual baffle – so the air chamber can grow successfully.

Another option is the cooling down timer, i.e. the heater/moisten is turned off; the ventilator circulates enough oxygen and after the cooling phase the incubating temperature is reached again automatically.
The rotation and cooldown timers can now have an variation of 30% to approach nature even more.

The new innovative premium touch display CTD7 has a self‐ explanatory menu navigation for easier and quicker control of the device.
The premium 7 inch display allowes with clear readable fonts and defined colors, to easily recognise the state of the incubator. For example, if the current temperature/humidity is outside the tolerance value, the background color of the temperature/humidity changes to red.

Monitoring of safety thermostat and fan speed can detect a fault in the regulation, so counter measures can be done.

A worldwide access to data on your device (optional and cost‐free) is possible over procon‐grumbach.de. Just enter the serial number of your device, state updates (if activated) every minute in your Internet browser. Incubator needs also internet connection.

Over your home network, you can view grafically and download entire breed cycle logs, which are stored on an USB‐Stick.

Configure/import/export breed cycle calendars, with changing regulation data for every day in your cycle (up to 160 days per cycle).

This way you can understand and finetune the breeding procedure for best results.

By entering your e-mail address in your incubator you can activate alert and intervall emails.


  • Microprocessor control of the latest generation (all functions programmable);
  • Digital temperature control;
  • Digital automatic humidification;
  • Digital cooling down timer;
  • 7 inch touch display;
  • Breeding calendar;
  • Data logging via USB;
  • Fault monitoring;
  • Status notification via e-mail;
  • Live data via web browser;
  • Network connection (LAN/WLAN);

Including accessories:

  • 2 remavable metallic grid floors;
  • 2 adjustable trays and 16 dividers for a variety of egg sizes;
  • 1 capillary thermometer (degrees Celsius, 35-45°C);

Main Characteristics

  • Robust and easy-to-operate design;
  • Premium 7 inch display (CTD7) with comfortable capacitive touch panel and performant hardware;
  • Digital automatic control of adjustable temperature and humidity through very precise sensors;
  • Optimized air circulation system;
  • Monitoring of fan speed;
  • Definable tolerance value monitoring;
  • Additional safety thermostat for constant temperature checking;
  • Overheat protection for humidity heating;
  • Switchable variance for rotation an cooldown timers;
  • Configure rotation and cool phases;
  • Display and listing of errors;
  • Worldwide/LAN monitoring of incubator status via Internet Browser;
  • Configurable, cyclic e-mail notification of incubator state;
  • Preconfiguration/Save/Export of a breed cycle plan;
  • Grafical display of an entire breeding cycle, including datalog on USB‐Stick;
  • Ethernet with 10/100 Mbit/s;
  • Wifi (direct access possible);
  • 1x USB2.0;
  • Double insulation to minimize the influence of outside temperature;
  • Transparent front door with lock;
  • Water level indicator;
  • Exterior slide opening for fresh air intake;
  • Regulation of air humidity;


We recommend the use of distilled water so that no incrustations form in the water tank.
After incubation, please clean it, otherwise lime scale may form in the water tank and therefore cause machine failure.


1 1 1 1 1 1
EGGS 84 60 240 124 30 60

Note: Egg capacities of various species are an estimation and take into account "standard" sized eggs.

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Exotic Birds
700x500x500mm (LxWxH)
28 kg (N.W.)
230 V