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Rcom King Suro ECO 20 PLUS (Automatic)

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  • Rcom King Suro ECO 20 PLUS (Automatic)
  • Rcom King Suro ECO 20 PLUS (Automatic)
  • Rcom King Suro ECO 20 PLUS (Automatic)
  • Rcom King Suro ECO 20 PLUS (Automatic)
  • Rcom King Suro ECO 20 PLUS (Automatic): Egg van
  • Rcom King Suro ECO 20 PLUS (Automatic)

Rcom King Suro ECO 20 - Automatic

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Model equal to INCOMAX King Suro ECO 20 is the latest product from Rcom with a luxurious design and an aerodynamic concept egg-shaped. Have kit for turning the eggs automatically.


Size Chart

It is the ideal incubator for those making artificial incubation at low but ensuring excellent quality and that Rcom has accustomed us.
The operation is closely modeled on Rcom King Suro Max 20, however, this new model to reduce costs has no humidity control or the automatic egg turning. Moisture is effected by the injection of water, using a syringe, the lateral pin incubator. Temperature control is adjusted by a control system based on analysis of a swiss thermometer. Includes automatic turning kit.

Main Characteristics

  • Fácil visualização dos ovos através da janela transparente, que também os protege de bactérias e parasitas externos;
  • Estrutura com isolamento duplo;
  • Alavanca de controlo do fluxo de ar externo;
  • Tecnologia Rcom na circulação de ar para evitar que o ar ventilado seja projectado directamente contra os ovos;
  • Facilidade na introdução de água para humidificação, indispensável na incubação, através de seringa própria;


1 1 1 1 1 1
EGGS 24 20 60 40 9-12 19
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Data sheet

Domestic Birds
Eggs Capacity
Small - 3 to 30 eggs
432x231x262mm (LxWxH)
2,5 kg
Average Consumption
25 W
230 V

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