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Wet Plucking Drum 50 Machine

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  • Wet Plucking Drum 50 Machine
  • Wet Plucking Drum 50 Machine
  • Wet Plucking Drum 50 Machine: Interior
  • Wet Plucking Drum 50 Machine: Feathers Front Outlet

Wet Plucking Drum 50 Machine - With Wheels

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With this automatic plucking drum 50cm machine it will be very easy to pluck your birds. With a very practical and functional system, in a few seconds the bird is completely plucked. Its transport is facilitated through its four wheels.

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It can be used in a wide variety of birds (quail, chicken, duck, turkey, etc.).
In this innovative system for domestic use, the bird is placed inside the drum with 50cm in diameter and, later, with the chatter, the feathers are removed through the rubber fingers. The bird's skin is intact due to the flexibility of the rubber.
This system also allows a hose to be connected in order to facilitate the cleaning of the feathers inside the plucker, that is, when the bird climbs inside with the help of water, the feathers are drained to a front outlet in the machine.
This innovative machine makes it easier and faster to remove the feathers from birds.
Through its four wheels, the transport of the plucker becomes more agile and safe.

The Plucker Machine includes:

  • 1.5kW motor;
  • 50cm diameter drum;
  • Connection plug and switch;
  • Wheels;
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Data sheet

Domestic Birds
60x60x110cm (LxWxH)
Package: 61x61x99cm (LxWxH)
60 kg
230V / 50Hz (single-phase)

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